Website Design and Optimization

You can’t build a house without a good hammer and a working ladder. You can’t make a decent cup of coffee with crappy beans. And you can’t get to the top of Google and convert visitors into clients with a poorly designed or optimized website.

At the same time, a smart company won’t focus everything on ranking their site and leaving their potential customer to stumble around the site. You need to present your information in as simple of a manner as possible. Your website is often the first point of contact with the public. You want it to reflect your company culture and encourage the visitor to contact you for your services.

Complicated designs and fanciness may look nice, but converting visitors into leads and then into clients or customers is the number one goal of a website. That is it’s function. Looking nice is secondary.

At Zipazi Digital, we focus on bringing more business through your door or calling you on the phone and that extends to our website design as well. Ease of use by the visitor is our top priority. Organizing everything in a logical manner is key. Putting your contact information and having just the right amount of calls-to-action in just the right spots (but not too many) are also important.

And since we’re also focused on SEO, any site we revamp or design will be done so with current best practices for search engine optimization. If you don’t want to employ us for digital marketing, that’s fine. Rest assured your site will be ready for it down the road, waiting for you to pull the trigger.

Our Websites Are...


People are moving to mobile devices more and more. Our sites are designed to look great whichever device they are viewed on – computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Simple and Modern

We put the information visitors need right now up front and accessible. If they want to dig deeper, we make it easy for them. Plus leave them awesome content they can really sink their teeth into.


We use highly customizable plugins and premium themes in order to get your site up and running quickly. Custom-designed and coded sites sounds nice, but the timeline usually isn’t. And neither is the final bill.

Easy to Manage

We build our sites with WordPress. Why? It’s easy to update, easy to manage, and allows our clients to update things as and when they want. Without taking night classes just to change an image or add a post on the blog.

Content Rich

Without enough content on your site, it’s unlikely to rank well for very much. We make sure you’ve got enough content to not only rank well, but allow your visitors to see what you’re all about.

Conversion Focused

From our perspective, the purpose of your website is to bring in business. If you have a lot of visitors, but they’re not converting into customers or clients, that’s a problem. We make sure that doesn’t happen.