Set Goal. Exceed Goal.


You started your business for a better future. 

Let us help you achieve that.

"I don't know how you're doing it, but keep going and more of it."

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What can you expect?


More exposure

Crushing your competitors puts you on top of the Google pile...

More clients

Which increases the number of clients calling for your services...

More revenue

And that leads to more revenue for your business. And more freedom...

Our Focus

Zipazi Digital started with one goal: help local companies bring in more business, better business, through digital marketing. That's still our driving purpose today. And we're pretty good at it.

Whether it's through a new website, getting more people calling our clients for their business, putting systems in place to garner reviews that reflect their awesomeness or helping them crush the competition in the search engine rankings - when we do our job, our clients get closer to their goals, and that's the ultimate purpose.

It doesn't matter if our clients want more time to go mountain biking, to go on winery tours or to their kid's lacrosse games. Maybe they want to relax and read a good book or drive over to the coast on a Tuesday afternoon for a bowl of Mo's clam chowder - we do everything we can to get them there.

"Here's what I want you to do - treat this business like it's your own and do what you think is best."

current client

What We Do

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you're not on the top of Google for the services you offer, you're losing money. We employ time-proven strategies to safely and effectively bring first page rankings to your website (and more money in your pocket). While we cannot guarantee top rankings (and those who do are stretching the truth at best) our goal for SEO is simple: crush your competitors.

Website Optimization and Development

With your house out of order, it's difficult to get ahead. We go through your website and make sure the on-site factors are as optimized as possible. Sometimes this requires a revamp, sometimes an overhaul and sometimes an entirely new site. We produce sites that look awesome, that convert visitors into clients and (most importantly) are designed to rank well in Google.

Online Reputation Management

Local reviews can be a stress on business owners - you need more reviews, but nobody leaves them. Google is increasingly using reviews to affect ranking of your site. Asking people for a review on the way out the door isn't enough. We help you create automatic systems that encourage people to leave feedback and positive reviews when they're most likely to.

Why We Rock

Easy Contracts

No long-term contracts, strictly month-to-month. Keeps us hungry and trying to win your business. Every. Single. Month.

Market Domination

We shall wade knee-deep in the blood of those who oppose us. Wait, what? Uhhh... look, a clown!


It may be a little overused, but our clients truly are our partners. Their success is our success, simple as that.

Monthly Reports

Monthly updates on what has happened (good and bad) and we cooperatively put a plan in place for the coming month.

Low Overhead

No fancy office, no fat expenses accounts. We run a slim, tight ship allowing us to offer boutique service at reasonable prices.

Positive ROI

We don't take on a client if we can't get them a positive ROI. Why? One time we ignored this rule and it was a disaster.

We Are Portland-Area, West Coast SEO Rock Stars

Zipazi Digital is a Beaverton-based digital marketing agency serving the greater Portland-Vancouver metro area as well as the entire great states of Oregon and Washington. And yes, even California and Vancouver, BC.

We help local companies bring in more business, better business through digital marketing. We achieve this through search engine optimization (SEO), website design and optimization, pay-per-click advertising (PPC with Google Adwords and Facebook) as well as online reputation management - getting more reviews from the clients that love you and feedback from those who feel slighted.

We don't work with everyone. 

We only partner with companies when we feel we can bring them a positive ROI on their investment with us.

If you want to see what we can do for you, click the button below to be taken to the intake form. You'll be asked to input a little information about yourself, your company and your goals. We'll be in touch less than one business day after that.