Pay Per Click

SEO is awesome. But it can take time. If you need results and you need them now, Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a good way to get people calling you for your services. Right now.

Why would you need this? There are many possible reasons:

  • You need business and you need it now.
  • You want to expand your service areas
  • You've got an awesome new idea but you want immediate feedback
  • ...many others.

PPC is in many ways about experimenting and testing. Running a PPC campaign brings you measurable results and brings them quickly.

Want to see which version of your website works better? Run some ads and see which brings in more responses.

Have a new product you are looking to get off the ground? A PPC campaign can get you valuable feedback from real, paying customers quicker than most anything.

Sudden drop-off in service calls from one part of town and want to change that? Run a targeted campaign to boost customers from that section of the city.

PPC is a tool. The good kind.

We're firm believers in Search Engine Optimization here at Zipazi Digital. But we're also aware that it isn't the only tool in the toolbox. Sometimes PPC makes a lot of sense. And we're fans of the quick results.

However, we don't rush headlong into it, throwing good money after bad with a cookie-cutter approach. When we run PPC campaigns, we always sit down with the client, figure out what their real goals are, find out what success looks like to them, and make a plan of action. We figure out the right keywords to target, come up with several versions of ad copy we feel will be effective, create a landing page if necessary and then set up the ads.


But, see, PPC doesn't end there. Split-testing is standard. Conversion tracking is standard. Detailed reporting is standard.

Pay Per Click is fantastic because, if you're paying attention, you can dial in the most effective ads, getting the biggest bang for your buck, the best results for your goals.

And the whole point of our clients paying for the service is for us to pay attention so th​ey don't have to. So that's what we do.

Which is best?

So, SEO or Pay Per Click?

The short answer is often: Both.

PPC is like the shot of coffee in the morning to get you running. But coffee all day with no real food leaves you jittery, jumpy and nervous. A real meal can stablize you and give you longer-lasting power to get you through the work you need to do.

But no coffee?

Come on.

When you're ready to find out what kind of PPC campaign is right for you, click the button below and get in touch with us. You'll be glad you did.