Reputation Management

It's all about "the ask".

The Ask

When is the best time to ask your partner for a footrub?

Right when they walk in the door from a long day of work? Or when they've had a chance to relax and get some stress off their shoulders?

The same thing applies to asking clients and customers for reviews on the major review platforms.

The most natural reaction is to ask when the work is completed. And you totally should. But don't expect them to actually follow through on it. Why?

Because you're asking them to go back inside the house, walk past every other thing they've got on their mental to do list, fire up the computer, skip their inbox, skip the cat videos and go straight to Yelp or Google or wherever and leave a review. For you.

Yeah, that's why you don't have very many reviews.

But what if there was a way to get in touch with your customers when they are sitting in front of their computer? When they've got your email open? When they've got the link to leave a review for your awesome service staring them right in the face?

There is. It's called Reputation Management and it's one of the services we perform for our clients.

Two Kinds

In truth, there are two kinds of Online Reputation Management. One is the kind where agencies go in and try to perform damage control when something unflattering or negative gets posted about a company or a person. Sometimes it's a news story that won't go away. Sometimes it's a bad review by a disgruntled former employee that takes on a life of its own. Or maybe it's the company's poor response to a negative review. Agencies can go through a lot of steps to make those go away.

That's not us.

If your company has gotten in a bad spot, you'll need to search out those companies and pay them the hefty fees they command.

Our Kind

Here at Zipazi Digital we engage in the other kind of Reputation Management. The kind where a company realizes that reviews are becoming an increasingly relevant part of their business.

In truth it's very simple - we take a look at the company's processes and systems. Then we put in place a system that automatically sends out a series of pre-written emails to customers a mere days after they have received your service. The emails thank them for their business and then, this is the important part, ask for an honest review on whichever review platform you wish to focus on.

You're catching your clients a few days after your awesome service. They're sitting in front of their computer or on their phone. You're asking them nicely and you're providing a link that they only have to click on or tap on in order to say a few quick words about what you did for them.


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